The Harlequin Trio Of Interlocking Workshops

The by-line for Harlequin, which is the first of the trio, is “Know Thyself”; for Chalice, the second course, the by-line is “Love Thyself” and for Vista the third of the trio, the by-line is “Be Thyself”. These equate to the three levels of intelligence - the Logical, Emotional and the Spiritual. Each of the three courses aligns with eliciting the different intelligences. As with any journey of discovery, it is simpler and easier when there is a pathfinder i.e. someone who has gone first and is then prepared and able to indicate a way to those who are willing (and the accent is on the word ‘willing’) to follow. This is the role of Foundation.

THE REALM OF LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE. This type of intelligence is a very powerful tool. It enables you to react in a logical and reasonable manner to the situations that confront you on a daily basis. Once this technique has been learnt then you can make dramatic changes in the way you deal with what life throws at you. The HARLEQUIN workshop is structured in such a way to allow you to safely explore who you are. Our relationships – of all kinds - are the mirror through which we can get to know who we are. You will spend a lot of time exploring the intricacies of your relationships, how these affect you and how you deal with them in a better way. Relationships are an art form that need specific and delicate and practical techniques to bring out their full flavour and value. The process is firm but gentle and designed to call forth what is latent in you. There are discussions, games and processes. We have a lot of serious fun. Logical Intelligence is its own built in limitation. By definition the worlds of Logic and Reason contain only with that which is already known. For so long as we apply only what is reasonable, logical and known to our lives, for that same length of time do we limit ourselves to that which is known and that is why we have the follow on course that we call:


It is one of the great human strengths to be able to jump out of the limited world of Logic and Reason into the world of the Illogical and the Unreasonable i.e. the world of EMOTION or ENERGY IN MOTION. Although this is actually simple it is not an easy thing to do. CHALICE has a looser structure and you will be able to pretty much take the process where you need to, so that you can, in your way and your time, recognise the situation in which you find yourself. You will then be able to work intelligently with it and not merely react to it. With Emotional Intelligence you can take the emotional energy that you generate and use this as a tool and not be whipped by it. Emotional Intelligence enables you to recognise the value of your emotions rather than having to shut them down. Everyone talks a lot about how powerful we all are. You will get in touch with this power in an up front and personal way. Engage the powerful, personal, unique opportunities that be offered you and start the process of learning to love yourself. Until you learn to do that you simply may not say to anyone else those wonderful alchemical words “I love you”. The CHALICE process is magical and very powerful indeed. The cultivation of emotional intelligence, which empowers us to deal with our lives as we find ourselves in them, will have wonderful results - and it is not enough. So we have:

VISTA creates the spaces in which we can allow our potential full rein. Here you get in touch with your personal vision and learn practical techniques on how to make this real. During VISTA you will decide how to work with, rather than within, the boundaries of the situations in which you find yourself. You will realize that you can also CHANGE these boundaries if you so wish. Spiritual intelligence allows you to ask: “Do I want to be where I am?” and to then do something about it. Spiritual intelligence says that you can change both what you do and also where you are. You will engage intensely with the Jungian concept of various archetypes and how these impact on your life. While there is a structure to VISTA, we are never quite sure where we will actually end up. The whole week that we are away for is pure alchemy and very exciting.

The concepts that you will work with throughout Harlequin, Chalice and Vista – it is only the spin that differs – can be summarized as follows:
Responsibility and Blame
The value of the Mistake
The importance of Anger
The value of Fear
I Can vs. I Can’t
Integrity and Impeccability – our personal Boaz and Joachim
The necessity of Relationship
The mechanics of Relationship
Communication – without it we “die”
The establishment of the Vision (as opposed to the Goal)
Building the sense of Community
A high level of autonomy and maturity

Viktor Frankl gives us a neat hook on which we can hang the idea of Spiritual Intelligence when he says (slightly edited): “Mans search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life. This is unique to him alone.” If we are to make any kind of meaningful growth then we must all make this search for meaning our primary motivation. The business world, where we arguably spend most of our waking hours, in its own interests, needs to make it possible for its employees to engage in this search. For so long as it does not do this, then for exactly that length of time will business have employees that bring no more than a small percentage of the talents that they were employed for to the work place. For that length of time, profits will suffer. Business, in its own interests, needs to provide an arena where the individual feels that they are creating value for both themselves and the social web of which we are all part.
Business and its leaders have vast importance to the entire social web. This importance goes way beyond the confines of the business world. Once this is recognised, business and its leaders will be able to assume their rightful and vitally necessary responsibility in both the construction and maintenance of that web. Business leaders are, by definition, highly talented people and they may no longer restrict the use of those talents to only the world of business. This matrix shift can only take place when business starts to cultivate its own spiritual intelligence. This it can only do by making it possible for its employees to realise their own spiritual intelligence.
The relationship between management and staff is a truly cybernetic loop. A healthy society relies on webs of meaning and relationship that are the acquired skills of the community. These skills need to be continually honed. As we stand today it seems not too much of an overstatement to say that the web is in tatters. We appear fragmented. The skills that we work with are at best rudimentary.
Some ways to test for all levels of intelligence.
Are the following part of the way you run your life? Score yourself:
Intelligent non-conformism
Death is part of life
Suffering is a valuable part of life
Pain is necessary
A clear vision is important
Clear values are important
Everything is interdependent
Self-awareness is vital
Be reluctant to cause harm
To cause harm is sometimes inevitable
“why” and “what if” are very important questions
The reality of what is happening must be accepted
Flexibility - ability to give up a point of view that is not producing an acceptable result
Leadership has more responsibilities than privileges
We all need a mentor or guide

5 - Strongly Agree
4 - Agree
3 - So-so
2 - Don’t Agree
1 - Strongly Disagree

Anything less than 55 and it is time for a long hard look at the results you are getting in your life. See you on the next Harlequin! Check the dates! Some ways towards the achievement and development of intelligence. You will engage all of these during your time on The Harlequin Experience:
Meditation – the art of looking Inward not Outward
Serious reading
Time out for oneself
Good music
Event analysis – how did you behave
Keeping a diary
Reflection on the events of each day
How were you challenged
How did you respond
To what extent did you stand against the so-called common wisdom of fad and fashion? 50
million Frenchman are probably wrong!
Creation of high levels of awareness of personal behaviour and its results
Knowing that it sometimes both good and necessary to follow
There are three aphorisms that will be worked with:

“Your life is only a reflection of yourself”
“You will not know who I am by listening to yourself”
“The answer to everything lies within, not outside of, you.”